Possible to copy an entire domain?

Doug Barton DougB at DougBarton.net
Mon Dec 9 20:37:25 UTC 2002

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Don Stokes wrote:

> Doug Barton <DougB at dougbarton.net> wrote:
> >Brian Johnson wrote:
> >> Can static zones share the same master file?
> >http://dougbarton.net/bind-users/FAQ.html#SameFile
> Your example does not give IP addresses for ns1.example.com &
> ns2.example.com, i.e. example.com shouldn't be one of the zones sharing
> the file.

That is implicit, although I suppose I should add an explanation to that

> i.e. the name servers (and everything else) are always within the
> domain.  You can fully qualify things like the mail host if you like.
> Putting the name servers inside the domain forces the registry for the
> parent domain to publish glue, which it may not if the name servers for
> the domain are not in the same parent domain as the domain itself --

I think you're confusing domains and TLD's here. However, your suggestion
fails to scale beyond say... two domains, because it requires host record
registrations for every name server in every domain I administer. That's
incredibly difficult to manage when you're dealing with hundreds,
thousands, or in my case, hundreds of thousands of domains.

> I've seen DNS lookups fail quite frequently in cases where the
> delegation points to another domain which in turn has name servers in a
> third delegation, and the first two "hops" lack glue.

That's brokeness completely unrelated to how the zone files are managed.


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