Installation of BIND 9.2.2rc1

Walker Simon-SWALKER1 swalker at
Mon Dec 9 12:00:30 UTC 2002

Hi Everyone, 
I have a question about installation of a new Name first one.
I have just pulled down the 9.2.2rc1 and OpenSSL packages from and installed them. 
However I have just noticed that on my Solaris 8 system that in.named exists already in /usr/sbin/ ! After running /usr/sbin/in.named -v I see that it is an older version (8.2.2.rc1), I guess this was built into the system from the initial build. I cannot however find the originating package that installed it...thus remove it.
What do people recommend? Should I just change the /etc/init.d/S72inetsvc scripts to point to the new version from or is it sensible to remove this older software totally. Or an I worrying over nothing here..maybe? I also noticed that there is a new version of nslookup in this 9.2.2.rc1 version...
Your experiences are appreciated.
Best Regards, 

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