Installation of BIND 9.2.2rc1

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Mon Dec 9 12:05:27 UTC 2002

Hi Again, 
Just did "man in.named" and see that the attribute says SUNWcsr (core Solaris), so it appears built into the main packages...puzzling.
Still would appreciate any advice on this one though.

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Hi Everyone, 
I have a question about installation of a new Name first one.
I have just pulled down the 9.2.2rc1 and OpenSSL packages from and installed them. 
However I have just noticed that on my Solaris 8 system that in.named exists already in /usr/sbin/ ! After running /usr/sbin/in.named -v I see that it is an older version (8.2.2.rc1), I guess this was built into the system from the initial build. I cannot however find the originating package that installed it...thus remove it.
What do people recommend? Should I just change the /etc/init.d/S72inetsvc scripts to point to the new version from or is it sensible to remove this older software totally. Or an I worrying over nothing here..maybe? I also noticed that there is a new version of nslookup in this 9.2.2.rc1 version...
Your experiences are appreciated.
Best Regards, 

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