No response while zone-transfer

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Wed Dec 11 07:08:55 UTC 2002

Christian Kuehn <tks at> wrote:

> Hi,

> our nameserver (secondary) stops responding to querys while loading a zo=
ne from=20
> the primary.

> Is this a normal behavior ?
Yes, with single-threaded bind4/8

bind-9 using SMB does not have these limitations.

Normally this is not an issue, since several servers is=20
available fro a given zone.

> The secondary must reload 4000-5000 zones from time to time, within this=
> we cannot use the nameserver for querys.

The real problem seems to come from the fact that you re-use your
slave server as recursive server for your clients.  Avoid that,
set up a separate caching-only server ( or even better, two) for your

> Hope for any help...

> Regards
> Christian

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