zone file : subnetted multihomed

Walker Simon-SWALKER1 swalker at
Mon Dec 16 15:24:34 UTC 2002

Hi Everyone, 
As this is my first DNS project I wondered if there are any considerations that I must adhere to if I have a multihomed node (3 interfaces infact) and they are subnetted interfaces from the same main network address.
That is to say :
Original IP
Say I subnetted this into 4 networks ( and now the interfaces on the node are like so :<node>--
So in an example in O'reilly is says that you can have one hostname associated with a multihomed node. But I wondered how I go about doing this for a subnetted range like the one above? As how will the BIND Server know how to differentiate them for a particular client request?
I appreciated you help.

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