DNS / Mail problem

glederrey at swissonline.ch glederrey at swissonline.ch
Mon Dec 16 16:41:40 UTC 2002

  Thanks a lot for all the answers !  You all helped me to get a clearer
picture !

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 12:51, Mark_Andrews at isc.org wrote:
>       Well this is actually a RFC requirement.  Aliases are supposed to=
>       be re-written.

  Now that you tell me, I remember reading something about that.  I have
to get a bigger brain to remember all that stuff ;-)

> > > I can declare von.oppersdorff.net as an A record, but that doesnt see=
> > > "clean", if the web host moves, then I have to edit all DNS zones, and
> > > not only the "main" one.
>       That is the way you do it today.  Eventually you should be able to
>       use SRV records once the browser vendors add support.

  I thought that CNAME were used (at least partly) to help
administration.  That is : my web server is called "cobalt.genam.ch" and
all the domain hosted are CNAMEs pointing to "cobalt.genam.ch" so when I
change the IP of cobalt.genam.ch (or if I change the web server to
another host) I have only one file to edit.  It seems I was at least
partly wrong.

  Is there a better way to achieve this easy administration ?  Or do I
definitly have to treat all zones separatly ?


PS : the RFC 1034 was a very interseting reading, but a bit outdated
(still speaks about MG and MD records, not MX).  But I think I am going
to read more of those RFC, just need some time.

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