Something new between bind 8.3.3. patch1 -- 8.3.4

Joaquin J. Domens jdomens at
Tue Dec 17 09:21:24 UTC 2002

> Are Arrowpoints the same as CSS'es? We have CSS'es and it doesn't seem 
> to me like they get an "excessive" amount of queries. 

Yes, they're the same

>Of course, you  haven't really given us any details about how your DNS is configured. 

Well, they're public dns's no zones on it, just resolution for our
clients (we're an ISP)

> There are any number of behavior changes between 8.3.3 and 8.3.4 that 
> could potentially explain an increase in traffic to the Arrowpoints. 

Is there any document about it ? I would like to know this kind of

>If  > Arrowpoints are anything like CSS'es, then presumably you are delegating 
> zones to them. Perhaps some information that used to be provided by the 
> BIND nameserver(s), e.g. glue records, are now being left out of the 
> responses and other nameservers have to go to the Arrowpoints to get it 
> (???).

This should not be the problem as they are not authoritative for any
zones, though we've made delegation changes recently to left this boxes
empty of zones, just to split our dns servers.

Hope this helps



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