Fw: Something new between bind 8.3.3. patch1 -- 8.3.4

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Mon Dec 16 19:03:10 UTC 2002

Joaquin J. Domens wrote:

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> Subject: Something new between bind 8.3.3. patch1 -- 8.3.4
>I have a problem loadbalancing our public dns. The scope is this:
>We have three solaris boxes (solaris 8) running BIND 8.3.4 that has a
>NAT IP under an Arrowpoint GSS11800
>The thing is that when we first installed the security patches for BIND
>8.3.3 (14 Nov 2002) everything were running smoothly but after upgrading
>to BIND 8.3.4 (19 Nov 2002) the arrowpoint CPU suddenly increased.
>After too many tests we've found the only thing that increases arrow's
>CPU's are DNS packets.
>Has anybody noticed the same on their systems ?
>Is there any problem with BIND and arrowpints?
Are Arrowpoints the same as CSS'es? We have CSS'es and it doesn't seem 
to me like they get an "excessive" amount of queries. Of course, you 
haven't really given us any details about how your DNS is configured. 
There are any number of behavior changes between 8.3.3 and 8.3.4 that 
could potentially explain an increase in traffic to the Arrowpoints. If 
Arrowpoints are anything like CSS'es, then presumably you are delegating 
zones to them. Perhaps some information that used to be provided by the 
BIND nameserver(s), e.g. glue records, are now being left out of the 
responses and other nameservers have to go to the Arrowpoints to get it 

                                        - Kevin


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