LAN WAN (internal/External) DNS

Simon Waters Simon at
Tue Dec 17 10:17:00 UTC 2002

BigB wrote:
> How would a zone/DNS file get outside users to see this INTERNAL WEB
> server??

A zone/DNS file can't!
> Port forwarding??

The router could do port forwarding, although ftp (non-passive
mode) requires a little cleverness on the router - most can do
it, probably easier just to run the daemons on different ports
as you'd have to specify port when making the connection anyway.

> No, but virtual servers ARE possible with PROFtpd, but each must be
> linked to a separate ip or port.  I haven't a clue how to forward FTP
> requests to different ports using the URL request (HTTP 1.1????)

Something like - this was grabbed from a draft document so might
not be 100%, but looks good to me. No idea what the "type" bit
on the end is I usually stop before the ";".


> I am sorry for not being clearer or being to narrow minded to see this
> more clearly.  But there has got to be a way to forward external
> requests to an internal DNS server that can then route the user to the
> correct INTERNAL ip.  I am just not seeing it.

You seem to think DNS has something to do with routing. DNS only
converts names to IP addresses. If you can't do something with
the IP address, DNS won't magically make it happen.

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