How to redirect to other nameservers so BIND 9 will understand?

Simon Waters Simon at
Tue Dec 17 01:18:38 UTC 2002

Bart Mortelmans wrote:
> Greetings,
> My domain name is connected to (a.o.)
> This nameserver should then point to
> which will have the real info about this domain name.
> This redirection works, but not with all ISP's. One of the nameservers
> it doesn't work with is This NS just won't dig down
> to to get the real information we need.
> Because of some experience in the past with this nameserver I'm rather
> sure it uses BIND 9.
> I'm trying to convince eNom (the holders of
> that there is something wrong with their set-up in combination with
> the latest version of BIND. Is there anyone that could help me figure
> out why what they're trying to do isn't accepted by amongst others

Why do you point to the DNSx.NAME-SERVICES.COM at all? The
GTLD-SERVERS.NET should just as well direct you to the servers, and cut out a completely unnecessary level
of redirection. It is this unexpected level of indirection that
breaks BIND 9, delegations should take you closer to the answer
in the sense that each delegation should get you one (or more)
levels further down the domain name.

The "referral"/"delegation"(?) from NAME-SERVICES.COM refers to
the most of the name servers by their GRADWELL names, but the
zone uses only the "" version of the names, although
these are the same servers this will probably create further
confusion and queries, and should be straightened out, when you
update the delegation from the

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