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Wed Dec 18 23:55:16 UTC 2002

> Here is some more refined information concerning the problem, correcting
> inaccuracies in my original post.
> The client is a Tandem/Compaq/HP Nonstop server, and it is updating to an
> HP-UX machine running BIND 9.0.0

	Upgrade.  We stopped accepting bug reports against 9.0.x a long time
	ago.  BIND 9.0.0 was for early adopters.
> The client can send updates just fine. Checking the db file for the domain,
> it shows the appropriate entries. The problem occurs in retrieving the
> information via nslookup. Using the 'ls -d' command in nslookup, we are able
> to see the records, however, the file shows "request failed: end
> of file" Now when we ask for ANY records on the individual hostname, it only
> returns about half of the records in the db file, with the same error string
> in the file, and with nslookup saying "can't find hostname:
> Unspecified error"

	Use dig to retrieve the data.
> Any thoughts?
> "Eric Busto" <eric.busto at> wrote in message
> news:ato64s$ap2j$1 at
> > Hello,
> >
> > We are encountering an odd problem.  We have an HP-UX machine running
> > and are using dynamic DNS for clients to update the DNS server with their
> IP
> > addresses.  However, this operation starts failing once we reach 30 or so
> IP
> > addresses.  Note that this is 30 or so IP addresses for a single hostname,
> > not 30 or so seperate hostnames with associated IP's.  Is there a built-in
> > limitation to the number of IP addresses one client can keep associated
> with
> > its hostname?
> >
> > Thanks in advance!
> >
> >
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