Limit to client dynamic-updates

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Thu Dec 19 07:17:50 UTC 2002

Eric Busto <eric.busto at> wrote:
> Here is some more refined information concerning the problem, correcting
> inaccuracies in my original post.

> The client is a Tandem/Compaq/HP Nonstop server, and it is updating to a=
> HP-UX machine running BIND 9.0.0

> The client can send updates just fine. Checking the db file for the doma=
> it shows the appropriate entries. The problem occurs in retrieving the
> information via nslookup. Using the 'ls -d' command in nslookup, we are =
> to see the records, however, the file shows "request failed: e=
> of file" Now when we ask for ANY records on the individual hostname, it =
> returns about half of the records in the db file, with the same error st=
> in the file, and with nslookup saying "can't find hostname:
> Unspecified error"

> Any thoughts?

bind-9.0.0 is very old. ( it might not contribute to the problem )

nslookup is a peculiar tool. Could you repeat using "dig" ?

( dig hostname   +
  dig hostname +vc   )

Is the nameserver reachable from Internet ? If so, what hostnames=20
to look for ?

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