Strange Query (loopback)

Simon Waters Simon at
Thu Dec 19 17:02:06 UTC 2002

Walker Simon-SWALKER1 wrote:
> With this mystery query for there is no loopback PTR lookup. So what I am wondering is how can I track down this request to either a program or connection. I tried increasing debug but the output don't mean much to me.
AFAIK since the query comes in like any other, it is likely all
BIND knows is the query time, and that it originated locally (I
guess you might be able to track down the connection through
system audit trails if you were to use them).

Probably simpler to ask what would issue a " A" query,
my guess is web browsers, or http proxy software, as mailx would
probably look first for ' mx', which would take it
elsewhere. Possibly some other Yahoo software but I figure you'd
know if you had some of their software installed.

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