Strange Query (loopback)

Walker Simon-SWALKER1 swalker at
Thu Dec 19 16:00:46 UTC 2002

Hi Everyone, 
Thanks to people out there I have a test server running 9.2.2.rc1 up now.
However I noticed, what I think is, a strange query to the DNS Server that I would like to try and track down.
On the DNS Server I have the output that highlights a A query for, it says that the originating clients is the loopback 
However if I physically type in nslookup on the server it does a PTR lookup of the loopback address first then issues a query for
With this mystery query for there is no loopback PTR lookup. So what I am wondering is how can I track down this request to either a program or connection. I tried increasing debug but the output don't mean much to me.
Of note I am the only "known" user of this network, i.e there are no other users on this test setup.
example from the DNS Server []
mystery query > 

Dec 19 15:15:38.153 client query: IN A

Dec 19 15:15:38.154 createfetch: A

if I perform a nslookup for on the host >

Dec 19 15:46:47.869 client query: IN PTR

Dec 19 15:46:47.872 client query: IN A

Dec 19 15:46:47.873 createfetch: A

I undertstand that this could be something quite normal but I am learning about DNS as I go so appologies if this is a silly mistake on my part.

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