Round Robin - Load Balancing

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Dec 20 04:46:15 UTC 2002

At 12:15 PM 12/19/02, Simon Waters wrote:

>Kostas Papahristofis wrote:
> >
> > The Bind is version 8.1 which comes with Solaris 7.
> > Do you have any suggestion ?
>Upgrade to BIND 9.2.1 for security reasons.
>Read the manual!

You really shouldn't use a 5 second TTL. What do you think you are really
going to accomplish by doing that. It doesn't do what you might think and
it generates a heavier load on your nameservers as clients keep having to
do lookups directly on your servers every time they go to the next page.
They don't get any benefit of caching the IP address.


>Possibly read the manual first - depending whether you have 8.1
>BIND exposed on the Internet or not.

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