Round Robin problem

Kostas Papahristofis kpap at
Thu Dec 19 14:18:56 UTC 2002

Dear sir,
I have 2 web servers and with IPs e.g 
and respectively. I want to have redundancy via DNS on these
servers through Round Robin 
technique. I want to "map"  <> on both
web servers, so if something happens
to the one server, the client to be able to reach the second one.
I configured the following :
To the zone/db "i-ticket" I did :
web1            IN A
web2            IN A
www             5       IN      CNAME   web1
www             5       IN      CNAME   web2
To the 192.168.1 zone/db I did :
91      IN PTR
92      IN PTR
I tested through ping to see the bahavior and I saw that all the time  I
have connection
with web2.
The Bind is version 8.1 which comes with Solaris 7.
Do you have any suggestion ?
Papachristofis Kostas 

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