Round Robin problem

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Dec 19 22:31:25 UTC 2002

Kostas Papahristofis wrote:

> Dear sir,
> I have 2 web servers and with IPs e.g
> and respectively. I want to have redundancy via DNS on these
> servers through Round Robin
> technique. I want to "map"  <> on both
> web servers, so if something happens
> to the one server, the client to be able to reach the second one.
> I configured the following :
> To the zone/db "i-ticket" I did :
> web1            IN A
> web2            IN A
> www             5       IN      CNAME   web1
> www             5       IN      CNAME   web2

What you have done is illegal and will be rejected in modern versions of BIND
(you need to update, by the way, for security reasons).

You can have "" resolve to both of those IP addresses (no
CNAMEs), and this will give you some rudimentary load-balancing and failover.
If you want something better than that, use a load-balancing solution from
Cisco or other telecom-gear vendor.

- Kevin

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