multiple secondary domains

Julien Matthieu julien at
Mon Dec 30 11:11:29 UTC 2002

no you need to tell your registrar that there is more than one NS
you cannot only tell the registrar you have one NS and your NS say you 
have 3 NS .... imagin if your NS server dies.... clients are going to 
try to find your ONLY NS provided by the REGISTRY
i hope you understood me .... :)
Julien Matthieu
Kilaru Sambaiah wrote:
> Hi All,
>    As I understand it is always good to specify multiple secondary
> name servers. My problem is I register with various service providers
> and they won't provide any provision for more than two name servers.
> How do I solve this problem? If my primary NS gives multiple IPs as
> name servers is it OK?
> thanks,
> Sam

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