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Will Yardley you at
Mon Dec 30 20:42:40 UTC 2002

In article <auq2dp$bkqa$1 at>, John Oliver wrote:
> On 30 Dec 2002 16:23:26 -0000, Simon Waters wrote:
>> Nitendra Agrawal wrote:
>>> Thanks for any support.
>> Probably someone at using a W2K machine, possibly at
>> their ISP (laptops are good at doing this).
>> It is the default behaviour of a W2K machine with the domain set to
>> try and update the DNS, you can ignore it, or look at the archive of
>> this list for how to direct these updates elsewhere.
> Any chance that the bind authors will get a patch in there to disable
> logging for this behavior, like lame servers?  That would be the
> preferred solution, and I can't imagine why it hasn't been done yet.

In BIND v9, at least, you can do this....

logging {
	category "update" { "null"; };   // we don't do dynamic updates

I forget how, but I'm pretty sure you can do this in 8.x as well.

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