any dns record with a TTL less than 1 minute ?

Will Yardley you at
Mon Dec 30 20:45:00 UTC 2002

In article <aupnll$b5bg$1 at>, bob hy wrote:

> I have to check once per minute that my dns server
> could resolve external adresses...
> To do so i need 2 adresses with a ttl less than 1
> minute...
> I know one : with a TTL of 1S
> but I can't find another...

Why not just dig at a particular server? Whether or not the TTL is
short, you'll still be able to tell whether resolution at an external
server is working.

dig +norec

I think it would be nice to do it less frequently than every second
though, especially if you're checking someone else's nameserver.

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