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Tue Dec 31 23:21:02 UTC 2002

> Howdy,
> I got my DHCP/BIND/DDNS system up and running.  And, amazingly enough,
> it works!  There's some flakey things going on however, that I haven't
> quite figured out.
> My server has DHCP3.0pl1 and BIND.9.2.1 running.  All of the clients
> on my LAN are able to boot, send a hostname*, get an IP address, and
> be registered in the tables.  I'm able to ping hostnames and
> hostname.domainname for each of the registered hosts.  YIPPEE!
> Two problems remain: 
> 1) When I do an nslookup from one of the clients, I get: 
> [olsam at friday etc]$ nslookup
> *** Can't find server name for address Server failed
> *** Default servers are not available
> Yet, dig and host work fine.  Huh?  I'm not *really* concerned since
> it's not affecting the usability, but I just wonder if it's a symptom
> of something larger.

	Nslookup requires that the nameserver be able to look up its
	own reverse address.  This lookup is failing.  I suggest that
	you investigate by checking that the servers for and/or is loading
	the zones properly.  Next ensure that there is a PTR record
> 2) My domainanme doesn't resolve.  I'm using a
> domainname, and I can't ping it from the server or the clients.   (I
> should be able to ping, and end up just pinging
> myself over the ADSL connection.) How do I set it up so that for this
> name it should go to nameserver for resolution.

	Add an entry to the zone.

> Many thanks,
> Oliver
> *except one. I need to set the DHCPCDARGS to add the '-h hostname'
> option to the dhcpd server at bootup, but, by gum I can't find out
> which file to add it to for my (ustabe) RedHat 7.2 system.  Any
> pointers?
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