any remaining issues with 9.2 in a fairly high-volume environment?

Nate Campi nate at
Fri Feb 1 02:50:30 UTC 2002

On Thu, Jan 31, 2002 at 05:34:48PM -0000, arvid at wrote:
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> > We're running an old nameserver in a fairly high-volume setup with lots of
> > zones and lots of queries.  A coworker claims that BIND 9 has problems.  I
> > have been out of the loop for most of a year and haven't the faintest clue
> > whether or not he's right.
> >
> > Is 9.2 stable enough for fairly high-volume environments (several thousand
> > queries a minute)?  Or should I stick with 8.3?
> >
> My understanding is that you should be able to handle that load on 9.2
> provided your hardware/memory is adequate and you don't provide any
> recursive service but I have not tried it myself.

I have a file of hostnames I feed into queryperf that has 1233 names
from the domain, each repeated 150 times (plus an extra few
hostnames, don't ask).

BIND 9.2.0, dual PIII 600 Linux (debian woody), 2.4.17 kernel, with 384
megs of RAM:


  Parse input file:     once
  Ended due to:         reaching end of file

  Queries sent:         185112 queries
  Queries completed:    184820 queries
  Queries lost:         292 queries

  Percentage completed:  99.84%
  Percentage lost:        0.16%

  Started at:           Thu Jan 31 18:27:09 2002
  Finished at:          Thu Jan 31 18:28:16 2002
  Ran for:              67.428215 seconds

  Queries per second:   2740.989065 qps

I don't know about stability, as I use BIND 8 in production, but these
numbers should be sufficient for most sites. 

This test was from across a wide area link, not localhost, so it travels
a real network.

Of course, BIND 8 on the same box gets better performance servig the 
same data - but it's performance most sites don't need.

BIND 8.3.0 on the same box, queried from the same host as before:


  Parse input file:     once
  Ended due to:         reaching end of file

  Queries sent:         185112 queries
  Queries completed:    185098 queries
  Queries lost:         14 queries

  Percentage completed:  99.99%
  Percentage lost:        0.01%

  Started at:           Thu Jan 31 18:43:19 2002
  Finished at:          Thu Jan 31 18:44:03 2002
  Ran for:              44.264737 seconds

  Queries per second:   4181.613007 qps

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