BIND 8.3.1-REL is now available

Doug Barton DougB at
Sun Feb 3 21:20:33 UTC 2002

Simon Waters wrote:

> My guess is that the DNS storms occur when the DNS is
> incorrectly configured according to the release notes, so it
> isn't a problem if used as directed.

	Your guess is incorrect if the nameserver you set up is a resolver. It
will be vulnerable to the storm problem if someone else's domain that
you try to resolve is incorrectly configured. Please don't offer guesses
about things you don't understand well on a technical mailing list. 

> Besides if you care about security your running 9.2.0 right?

	No, that is not necessarily the case. The discussion has been had
several times here that while bind 9 is _probably_ more secure, bind 8
still has a lot of things going for it; including much wider deployment
and more years of people poking at it. Some of us prefer the devils we
know to those we don't. 

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