BIND 8.3.1-REL is now available

Jim Reid jim at
Fri Feb 8 23:31:10 UTC 2002

>>>>> "David" == David Carts <david.carts at> writes:

    David> If that is true, why does the announcement state that the
    David> only 8.  release I should be running is 8.2.5?

Because you should always be running the latest version. A whole bunch
of bugs get fixed and enhancements made for each release: see the
CHANGES file. What's the point of doing that if people won't install
and run the code? If you have a problem, the first thing you'll be
advised to do on this list is upgrade to the current release. It might
fix the problem you're complaining about. Nobody really cares about a
problem in old code that has been fixed in the current release.

BTW, the web page may be out of date. If you want IPv6 and ENDS0
support in BIND8, you should be running the current version of
BIND8.3, 8.3.1. This code is not in 8.2. Since these additions are
condidered "major changes", they get a different release branch.
An even better choice would be to run the current BIND9 release.

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