Newbie DNS/Bind/resolv.conf question

Danny Mayer mayer at
Mon Feb 4 00:34:54 UTC 2002

At 07:41 AM 2/3/02, Alexis Birkill wrote:

>I've looked on the net for a solution to this, but haven't found
>anything as of yet.  I've set up a basic DNS server for our local
>network (6 Windows boxes, 1 Mandrake Linux box, which is mine).  I
>followed the instructions in the howto regarding bind, and have the
>whole thing set up so that I can type into any machine on the network
>         ping snoopy.localdomain
>and it will resolve that machine's IP from the linux box.  Reverse
>lookups are also working correctly.
>However, in the howto, it suggests I put in the /etc/resolv.conf
>something like this:
>         search localdomain
>         nameserver
>As I understand it, this means I should be able to type 'ping snoopy',
>and it will automatically add .localdomain on the end of it.  This works
>on the linux box, but not on any of the windows machines.  Is there a
>way to get this to work?
resolv.conf is local to the machine. You need to ask Microsoft for Windows


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