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Joseph Caldwell joecwell at us.ibm.com
Mon Feb 4 15:13:48 UTC 2002

The correct category for a particular message is not always
obvious.  Unless I'm mistaken, the "denied update ..." log
message is category "security", not "update".

If there is ever a question as to what category and/or severity
a message is, you can turn use the following options:
   print-category yes;
   print-severity yes;
which will cause them to be printed in the log preceeding the
actual message.

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I am trying to filter out 

Feb  4 00:17:04 xxxx named[1131]: denied update from [x.x.x.x].1368 for 
"xxxx.com" IN

log messages and have added the following line to the logging { }; section 
of named.conf

        category update { null; };

but the messages still keep apearing. I am using bind 8.2.5.

... in fact looking at the conf file

logging {
        category lame-servers { null; };
        category cname { null; };
        category update { null; };

all of those events are being logged....

any help apreciated.

Dan Cooper

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