Microsft Secondary probs

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Tue Feb 5 00:19:58 UTC 2002

At 04:39 PM 2/4/02, Jon Booth wrote:

>I seem to be having the following problems with a Microsoft 2000 Server
>transferring from a Bind 8.x server

Try using "transfer-format one-answer;" in a server statement on the BIND
box.  Microsoft can't handle many-answers format, though that's not the
default on BIND 8.  You also didn't say which version of BIND.

>I have to delete and reenter the domain as secondary. into windows if I
>want it to update. (domain example lucidlogic.com). Is there any common
>reason why this would happen?

Did you implement the MS 2K DNS as a slave for the zone?

>If I have a wildcard * cname windows doesn't recoginize it. www.domain.com
>won't resolve but *.domain.com does. Is there any fix?

Ask Microsoft, or even better upgrade to BIND.


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