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> In article <a3n2kt$9rp at pub3.rc.vix.com>, Jon Booth  <jon at lucidlogic.com> wrot
> e:
> >
> >I seem to be having the following problems with a Microsoft 2000 Server
> >transferring from a Bind 8.x server
> >
> >I have to delete and reenter the domain as secondary. into windows if I
> >want it to update. (domain example lucidlogic.com). Is there any common
> >reason why this would happen?
> Are you incrementing the serial number on the master server when you make
> changes?
> >If I have a wildcard * cname windows doesn't recoginize it. www.domain.com
> >won't resolve but *.domain.com does. Is there any fix?
> The DNS specification never says that wildcard CNAME records should work.
> BIND supports them, but I don't think it's appropriate to assume all
> servers do.

	Any server that fails to support a wildcard CNAME is broken.

	Wildcards have no type restictions on them other than NS
	or SOA.  SOA because that is at top of zone and wildcards
	can't be at top of zone.  NS records because the wildcard
	is within a zone and NS records are at top of zone or bottom
	of zone.

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