refused query on non-query socket from...

Bill O'Hanlon wmo-bind at
Tue Feb 5 01:52:41 UTC 2002

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 06:40:45PM -0600, Michael Douglass wrote:
> I saw someone post mid-january about getting the "refused query on
> non-query socket from..." when running the 8.3.0 version.  Someone
> responded with the fact that a query was coming in on a port listening
> for the response to a recursive query.  Fair enough...  Except that I
> know this is not what is happening.
> We are having the same problem (with 8.3.0 and 8.3.1 both); except
> that these are RESPONSE packets that for some reason 8.3.x is munging
> into request packets--or so it would appear.  The IP addresses that
> are listed in these sysloged errors are the DNS servers for names
> we are trying to resolve.
> Thoughts?

I'm seeing the exact same thing.  The domain being looked up is, which doc says has some problems:

ERROR: NS list from authoritative servers does not
  === match NS list from parent (com.) servers

I can lookup and generate those "refused query"
messages at will.

I'm running 8.3.1, but I think I was seeing this with 8.3.0, also.


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