refused query on non-query socket from...

Alan Sparks asparks at
Tue Feb 5 02:05:31 UTC 2002

I might have been the poster mentioned.  I was unable to resolve the
issue, after some effort.  Dropping back to 8.2.5 avoided the problem.
I just gave up on 8.3, actually, had no time to debug 8.3.  There was no
indication of any odd external maliciousness or other such ilk.

Michael Douglass said:
> I saw someone post mid-january about getting the "refused query on
> non-query socket from..." when running the 8.3.0 version.  Someone
> responded with the fact that a query was coming in on a port
> listening for the response to a recursive query.  Fair enough...
> Except that I know this is not what is happening.
> We are having the same problem (with 8.3.0 and 8.3.1 both); except
> that these are RESPONSE packets that for some reason 8.3.x is
> munging into request packets--or so it would appear.  The IP
> addresses that are listed in these sysloged errors are the DNS
> servers for names
> we are trying to resolve.
> Thoughts?
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