sysquery: no addresses found for NS

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Feb 5 16:40:16 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Chevalier <Eric at> writes:

    Eric> After a recent conversion from Red Hat 6.2 to RedHat 7.2
    Eric> (and a corresponding upgrade from Bind 8 to Bind 9), I'm
    Eric> seeing an immense number of these "sysquery: no addresses
    Eric> found for NS" messages from an internal name server.

Consult the list archives. This question has been asked and answered
many times before. It's also on the web site with the a-z of BIND8
error messages. You can find that URL through the list archives too.

To answer your question, the error is reported because you've said
that some name is a name server for some zone -- there's an NS record
for it in the zone file -- but that name does not exist.

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