BIND redundancy?

Simon Waters Simon at
Wed Feb 6 00:17:01 UTC 2002

Sage wrote:
> and if the slave takes over as a temporary master, how would i get the
> real master to update it's zone files when it is restarted?  are there
> scripts or config options that i am missing?

No config options, the designers didn't really seem to think
this one through. The split brain problem really requires a
conflict resolution algorithmn, in case a server is available
but not visible to all other servers or clients.

I would suggest that if you need records in the DNS with 100%
reliability, you only realistic bet at this point in time is to
make them static.

Probably the best fall back is make the master DNS server highly
reliable with clustering or other redundancy features.

Theoretically MS DNS integrated with ADS meets the requirement,
as it supports multimaster replication, but I've not heard many
good reports.

What is this highly prized dynamic data that must always work?
Perhaps there is a different approach. Remember data can be
reregistered, so you only miss the updates while it is down,
then things should get to normal steadily.

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