BIND redundancy?

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Wed Feb 27 08:23:55 UTC 2002

Sage <scairns at> wrote:

> ok.

> i have worked out a way of making my master DNS highly available.

> it is not perfect, but it allows for redundant fail-over of master

> i used the tools provided by the kind people at:
> (thanks!).

> if the master fails, then the secondary system will shut down its
> slave DNS config and bring up a master DNS server based on the
> existing zone files (which are up to date via NOTIFY).

> all this will happen in less than 20 seconds of the master going down.
>  the new master takes over the IP address of the failed system...  so
> clients, including dhcpd (ie: DDNS updates), will not know the
> difference.

> a custom script was created to provide fail-back support, but it needs
> to be run manually, (after the original master is back in working
> order)...  i said it wasn't perfect...  but i am a control freak, and
> want to decide when the change will happen ;)

> to date it only provides support for hardware failure.  so if the
> hardware is fine, but DNS fails, you and i are both in trouble...

> any MON experts care to contribute?

> i will post config info if anyone is interested...

> hope i can help,
> Sage

> scairns at (Sage) wrote in message news:<a3pp97$r57 at>...
>> hello,
>> i am setting up two Redhat 7.0 servers with BIND 9.1.3 and DHCP 3.0.
>> as far as i can tell, DHCP DDNS updates are sent to the Master DNS
>> server, and it then in turn notifies the slave servers of the changes.
>> i need DDNS resolution to work 24/7, even if the master DNS server
>> goes down...
>> how can i configure DNS/DHCP to either update the slaves if the master
>> is down, or have the slave take over the master's duties untill it is
>> fixed?
>> and if the slave takes over as a temporary master, how would i get the
>> real master to update it's zone files when it is restarted?  are there
>> scripts or config options that i am missing?
>> thanks in advance,
>> Sage

Why don't you use a configuration that stays alive instead of this
complex junk ??

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