Err/TO getting serial#

Vyto Grigaliunas vyto at
Wed Feb 6 21:44:30 UTC 2002

> Feb  6 10:03:23 ns named[6184]: Err/TO getting serial# for ""

I've seen this during a flurry of zone transfers happening at the same time
on the master - as if the serial# query from the slave gets dropped because
the master is busy with the other zone transfers...

Just a theory...;-)

"Albert Meyer" <dont at> wrote in message
news:a3rqcs$auc at
> I'm doing backup DNS for a client of ours and my server is presenting the
> following error:
> Feb  6 10:03:23 ns named[6184]: Err/TO getting serial# for ""
> Usually this means a bad SN, or a typo in the zone, or something like
> and I think it usually means the zone isn't being transferred, but my
> secondary believes that it is authoritative on the domain,
> and changes made on the primary are propagated to the secondary. The
> thinks it's because he's running BIND 9 and I'm running 8, and he thinks
> that BIND 8 would like the $TTL statement to be at the bottom of the file
> rather than the top. I have the 3rd edition of DNS and BIND but it doesn't
> cover BIND 9 and doesn't seem to say much about where BIND 8 expects the
> $TTL statement to be. Is my client correct about the location of the $TTL
> statement, or do I need to keep looking for a typo in his config file?

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