BIND 9 to BIND 8 downgrade

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu Feb 7 02:42:11 UTC 2002

At 03:11 PM 2/6/02, Jim McAtee wrote:

>Because of the problems with the Win32 port of BIND 9.2, I'm in the midst of
>switching our Win2k BIND 9 nameservers to BIND 8.3.1.  Formerly, we were
>running BIND 4.9, so I'm not completely familiar with the configuration
>differences between BIND 8 and 9.

What problems specifically?

>Will master zone files work well if they're unchanged from BIND 9?  A
>typical zone file on our servers looks like the one shown below.  Is the
>$TTL directive recognized by BIND 8.3, or would this zone file have a
>default TTL on records of just 20 minutes?

The differences are really minor.  BIND 9 has more configuration options than
BIND 8.  It will tell you when it starts are which ones it doesn't understand.
You can then just comment them out. As long as you aren't using views
you should be okay.


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