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Aragon aragon at aragonsworld.net
Fri Feb 8 14:41:22 UTC 2002

Hello. I am running bind8.2.3 on FreeBSD 4.2. I have been receiving the 'digest
since late Feb. 2001 and have gained immeasurable insight from you guys. I now
have a request.
I am on a DSL line and run my own nameserver, mailserver and host several
domains (virtually thru Apache). I own and admin my 5 IP sub-block from thru My nameserver is 'ns1.aragonsworld.net' at I am obligated by SWBells' policy to use their 'secondary and
tertiarys' at and .7...
Point one: I am a 'shade-tree' unix user (taught myself from scratch)
Point two: A friend (by phone) helped me setup my zone files and conf file.
    I have had numerous problems here and there but think that everything runs
    My request is to have someone externally to check all aspects of my 
thru all of these wonderful tools that I read about. A 'Health Checkup' if you
    I also have a question. Is it a 'true assumption' that the only way I 
can use
the other 4 IP's is to use a 'true router' Cisco style?
    Thanks very much in advance. :)

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