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Aragon <aragon at aragonsworld.net> wrote:

> Hello. I am running bind8.2.3 on FreeBSD 4.2. I have been receiving the 'digest
> since late Feb. 2001 and have gained immeasurable insight from you guys. I now
> have a request.
> I am on a DSL line and run my own nameserver, mailserver and host several
> domains (virtually thru Apache). I own and admin my 5 IP sub-block from
> thru My nameserver is 'ns1.aragonsworld.net' at
> I am obligated by SWBells' policy to use their 'secondary and
> tertiarys' at and .7...
> Point one: I am a 'shade-tree' unix user (taught myself from scratch)
> Point two: A friend (by phone) helped me setup my zone files and conf file.
>     I have had numerous problems here and there but think that everything runs
> OK.
>     My request is to have someone externally to check all aspects of my 
> 'domain'

the domain "aragonsworld.net." is ok, except for your nameserver
at, it's not answering any dns questions.

Is it down right now ? 

The test is made by zonecheck.manet.nu 

> thru all of these wonderful tools that I read about. A 'Health Checkup' if you
> will.
>     I also have a question. Is it a 'true assumption' that the only way I 
> can use
> the other 4 IP's is to use a 'true router' Cisco style?

No. Any router should be ok.  Routing 4 ip is however a problem
since you cannot subnet it further.

Using static NAT-ing could be a solution, freebsd and ipfilter 
can easily do this.

>     Thanks very much in advance. :)

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