PUBLIC/FREE DNS SERVER (Primary & Secondary)

Justin Scott lists at
Fri Feb 8 21:13:05 UTC 2002

There are many DNS providers on the net..  not all are free, but here's a
quick list of the ones I can remember off the top of my head...

free -
free up to 5 zones -
donation -
paid -
free for personal use -
commercial -

The list goes on and on..

-Justin Scott, Lead Developer
 Sceiron Internet Services, Inc.

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> Hello Group,
>     I have been trying my darndest to find a few public and free DNS
> that offer Primary & Secondary servers.
> I found two so far but lost the link to one of them. Regretfully the one I
> lost, for the most of what I recall from reading
> the website at the time, seemed to be just what I was looking for. The
> one I found is here:
>     I know for a fact that there is another one but, I seem to be having
> difficulty in locating it. I do remember a few key
> things when I visisted this website. One is that the website's main site
> colors were Blue with white back ground. There was
> a blue header background <framed> and framed to the left was a little
>     The services that this website offered was complete control over DNS
> Free. And what was so great is that they had
> a great GUI interface via the web.
>     Also, for an example, if you created your first primary for
> it would create a default zone files,
> mx records, etc...Of course there was plenty of room left to tweek, such
> 'alias' for http, smtp etc.....
> The same goes for setting up your secondary.
>     Now, for the http://soa, website you really have to
> start from scratch and manually , weres as
> the  other website that I'm trying to find is much easier.
> If anyone knows were there are more FREE PUBLIC DNS service providers out
> there could you please respond
> to this post.
> Also, if anyone knows of the other website that I kinda of described
> could you please post the link.
> I know its vague and not much to go on, but from surfing the web for a
> on trying to relocate it, I found
> that there is not many free public dns servers available, but I could be
> wrong.
> thanks.

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