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Sun Feb 10 20:52:23 UTC 2002

Well the easiest Free DNS service I have found so far is:

DNS Made Easy

They give you complete flexibility over what records you want.  Has
a great site with lots of help.  Plus some basic tutorials if you are new
to DNS overall.

But back to the list topic:

The main list (where all lists come from, even the google list comes
from here) is kept at the dmoz (The Open Directory Project.)

Most of all of these services offer what you need. Some are easier than
others. Some are free. Our friends at Nominum offer
some great products.

Basically, if you can not get what you need with one of these guys you should
rethink your DNS needs. ;-)

There current listing has the following:

Art of DNS - Dynamic DNS Services - Dynamic DNS allowing free third-level domains (under their provided array of 2nd level names), as well as user-provided second-level domains. - URL cloaking and dynamic DNS. 
CMDNS - Dynamic DNS Service - Australian based DDNS provider. Commercial services and free entry level accounts. Remote update clients for many platforms, including Unices and Windows. 
DDT Project - Dynamic Dns Tools. The goal of the project is to provide an open and free (in the GPL-sense) set of tools that will permit the deployment of secure and reliable dynamic DNS services. - Dynamic DNS Provider 
DNS Made Easy - DNS Service with dynamic IP support. 
DNS Wizard Corporation - Offers web-based remote DNS management. 
DNS2Go - Dynamic DNS service offered free by Make your computer accessible anytime, anywhere by associating a domain name of your choice to your currently assigned IP address. - Dynamic DNS service created by one of the original founders. 
DSL_Vdns - DSL service allows users to run their own Web Server software over Dynamic IP connections. 
DtDNS - Dynamic DNS Solution 
DynAccess - Ihr Partner f|r Lvsungen rund um dynamische IPs 
Dynamic DNS Network Services - A free provider of dynamic and static DNS services, as well as WebHop web redirection services. 
Dynamic Host Services - No-Cost Dynamic DNS Provider allowing static hostnames to be mapped to dynamic IP addresses. 
Dynamic IP Service - Dynamic DNS Provider 
Dynamic IP Solutions - Dynamic DNS Provider - Dynamic DNS Provider - Dynamic DNS Provider 
DynDNS Info - DynDNS FAQ and information. 
DynDNS Information - Contains an overview of Dynamic DNS 
DynDNS Site Listing - Listing of Dynamic DNS Service Providers - Commercial DynDNS provider supporting user-supplied domains - Free Dynamic IP Hosting with support for Danish, English, German and French languages. Also features IP redirection, Site down messages, URL redirection, and MX records. - Free dynamic DNS for domains 
DynIP - Provides DDNS, allowing you to put the server for your domain name on a dial-up connection. - Dynamic DNS Provider facilitating creation of custom 3rd-level domains (* to be mapped to a dynamic IP address - Dynamic DNS Service Provider - Dynamic DNS Service 
Eastwind - Web and email redirection services - Dynamic DNS, e-mail forwarding and URL redirection using the hostname you choose. 
eNamic Networks - Dynamic DNS service by eNamic Networks assigns a permanent name to your dynamic IP address. Use it to host your own Web site, FTP server, MP3 station and more. - provider of free DNS service 
FreeDNS - Free domain hosting and subdomain hosting, using domains others have submitted. - Dynamic DNS provider. 
GnuDIP - Server Software for giving Static domain names to Dynamic IP address clients. 
HN.ORG Dynamic DNS Services - Provider of free * domains, as well as Static and Dynamic DNS Services for * domains and for user-supplied domains. 
IDNSI - Dynamic DNS Services 
Microtech Dynamic DNS - Provides services including free basic Dynamic DNS accounts, hosting of full domain names, backup MX servers, and secondary DNS service - dynamic dns service for A,MX,NS records. - Dynamic DNS provider (* names) - Dynamic DNS Provider 
Name-Keeper - Dynamic DNS Services 
Nicolas' Internet Services - Dynamic DNS Provider 
Nikhilino Online - Dynamic DNS (DYNDNS) service for .com .org .net domains. Client runs on all major operating systems. 
No-IP - No-Cost provider of Dynamic/Static DNS and Web Redirection - Dynamic DNS Aliasing and web redirection services 
Open Domain Server - Dynamic DNS provider offering multiple free public domains and support for user-supplied domains 
PlanetDNS - Run your own web site, mail server, ftp server by associating a domain name of your choice to your currently assigned dynamic IP address. Works with cable, DSL, ISDN or dial-up connections. 
Pronym - Dynamic and Static DNS Service. Avalaible for both user-supplied domains as well as Pronym subdomains. Features Web Redirection and e-mail management. 
RocketDNS - Provides DNS management for both static and dynamic IPs. 
SelfHOsT - Dynamic DNS Service Provider 
SolidDNS - Provider of Dynamic DNS Services 
StaticCling - static hostnames for your dynamic IP. Native clients are available for almost any operating system. 
SuperDNS - Portuguese Dynamic DNS provider DynDNS - Bulletin Board Service (BBS) oriented Dynamic DNS provider 
TSX - URL redirection and dynamic DNS. Has several popup window advertisements, including adult advertising. 
TZO - Features include offline webpage, signon and signoff IP address control, and new change domain and change email functions. 
Virtual DNS - The Virtual DNS service provides an alias for dynamic IP addresses to a static hostname. 
WebReactor Networks - Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) and Email Frowarding 
Winip - Dynamic DNS Provider - Gives free domain names for dynamic IP's, for dialup connections on all major operating systems. 
yyWeb - Provides domain name registration, URL redirection, E-Mail redirection, and DDNS services for SOHO, DSL, and cable modem users. 
ZA NiC - Free * domains. Service policy, mailing list, and FAQ. 
ZoneEdit - Simple and free web-based domain manager which allows you to safely administrate DNS, mail and web forwarding. WhoIsNot - Finds reserved, on-hold and available variations of domain names. Detailed list of features, free trial version, FAQ. [Windows] 
Cisco: Network Registrar - A scalable DNS server. Free trial version, FAQ, technical documentation. [Windows] 
Cyberspace HQ: DeEnesse - Suite for Windows NT and Windows 95. Free trial version, screenshots, support page. 
DHCP/Bootp Server - Free for non-commercial use. [Windows] 
Djbdns - Domain Name System tools, links, and tips. [Unix] 
DNS Boss - Management software for Solaris, NT, Linux. Free trial version, documentation and instruction. 
DNS Commander - Package with monitoring and audit tools, plus web monitoring and command line controls. News, FAQs, knowledge base, forum. [FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT] 
Internet Software Consortium - Non-profit corporation dedicated to developing and maintaining production quality open source reference implementations of core Internet protocols. BIND is available here for free. 
Linux NIS(YP) Server and Tools - The Network Information Service (NIS) provides a simple network lookup service consisting of databases and processes. It was formerly known as Sun Yellow Pages (YP). 
The Manual Page: DHCP-DNS - Free Perl package that allows dynamic DNS update using your DHCP server. GPL license. News, and an extensive glossary of relevant technical terms. 
Men & Mice - QuickDNS and DNS Expert tools. Free trial versions, support page including DNS glossary, FAQ, mailing list. [MacOS, Windows] 
Meta IP - Enterprise level IP management. Documentation, success stories from customers, free trial version. [HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows] 
Microsoft: Windows 2000 Server - Documentation and support for this product. Service packs and updates available. 
Moreton Bay DHCP Server - Free, open source, cross-platform solution. [Linux, Windows] 
PowerDNS - Web-based service manages domain, sub domain, and e-mail forwarding. Subscription details, FAQs and tutorials, mailing list. 
QIP - IP services management. Screenshots, trial downloads, documentation. [Unix, Windows] 
Simple DNS Plus - Free trial version, screenshots, client testimonials, FAQ, tutorials. Also provides a Web-based DNS lookup tool.[Windows] 
UltraDNS Corporation - DNS management and directory infrastructure services. News, FAQ, DNS primer. 
ZoneMaster - Open source project manages nameservers and zonefiles. Free download, development status, screenshot. [Perl, PHP source] 

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