Expert Required for this one , IP web problem!! Please Help !! Urgent

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Wed Feb 13 19:50:15 UTC 2002

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>I have a web address say and i want to transfer it to
> the address . What i did was i pinged the ip
>address and asked my isp for to transfer it to
> at the ip address that was returned .
>The problem is that the ip address is only the server and not my
> account on the server . I asked the bbb provider and they
>said to ask the aaa to use frames forwarding (which i don't have a
>clue  about) . The aaa doesn't use frames forwarding it uses an apache
>configuration and told me it had to point to a specific ip address .
>Next i asked a friend of mine who know alot about this area and he
>told me to tell the isp for to change the "A" Name to a
>"CName" and i did , this didn't work .
>Questions .
>1. There is an "A" name now that points to the wrong address and a
>"CName" which points to the correct address , is it possible to remove
>the "A" name altogether and leave the "CName" ? I don't know much
>about this so it may be a stupid question !

You can't have both entries.  Either a name is an alias (that's what CNAME
is) or it has its own data.

>2. Is there any other solution to this problem ?

Either have the web provider add to the virtual host
configuration of  Or change the DNS entry to point back to the
old address, and have that machine send an HTTP Redirect to
Apache should be able to do this (I don't know much about Apache, but my
guess is it's something like mod_redirect).

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