Expert Required for this one , IP web problem!! Please Help !! Urgent

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Feb 13 20:20:59 UTC 2002

If I understand your requirements correctly, a CNAME should work fine
here. What are the real domain names for and I'd
like to look and see what you did to troubleshoot why it didn't work.

- Kevin

garrethkelly wrote:

> I have a web address say and i want to transfer it to
> the address . What i did was i pinged the ip
> address and asked my isp for to transfer it to
> at the ip address that was returned .
> The problem is that the ip address is only the server and not my
> account on the server . I asked the bbb provider and they
> said to ask the aaa to use frames forwarding (which i don't have a
> clue  about) . The aaa doesn't use frames forwarding it uses an apache
> configuration and told me it had to point to a specific ip address .
> Next i asked a friend of mine who know alot about this area and he
> told me to tell the isp for to change the "A" Name to a
> "CName" and i did , this didn't work .
> Questions .
> 1. There is an "A" name now that points to the wrong address and a
> "CName" which points to the correct address , is it possible to remove
> the "A" name altogether and leave the "CName" ? I don't know much
> about this so it may be a stupid question !
> 2. Is there any other solution to this problem ?
> Thanking whoever can help !
> regards
> Garreth

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