round robin

Brian Noecker bnoecker at
Wed Feb 13 23:26:14 UTC 2002

Is there a trick for round robin to work correctly?  I've got the following

Two Bind 9.2.0 jailed servers, one master, one slave with either of the
following A record options:

test	10	A
test	10 	A


$TTL 2h

test 	10	A
 	10	A

Now, on the both servers, they use themselves as primary DNS in resolv.conf.
The master is on a solaris box, the slave a RH7.2 box.

When I'm on the master itself and ping test, is the only answer I
get back.  When I'm on a windows desktop using the master as its DNS server,
I only get  When I'm on the slave server and ping, I get about a
30/70 split on my returns.  

Should I expect consistency on the round robin nature of Bind?  

Thanks in advance.

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