Just getting started

Spicer's spicer4us at qwest.net
Thu Feb 14 08:38:41 UTC 2002


I am not sure what I need to tell you to get advise. I apologize if information is missing or irrelevant.

I am running gypsystar.com and trying to add thisisrisk.com. My isp has been hosting my domain name of gypsystar.com and that has been fine but now I have people that are requesting they get their own domain names.

I have been watching here for some time and bought DNS and Bind by O'Reiley. Excellent book btw, thanks for the advise. I have read and followed it very closely. Thse commands now all come back clean.

nslookup thisisrisk.com
dig thisisrisk.com
host thisisrisk.com

The nameserver restarts ok even if I have to do it the hard way. No errors in the logs. All the do is state that it has started.

Now my problem. I can use lynx and get to the pages I need. I cannot however connect via other computers. I realize this is a dns error but I am not sure how to fix it. I probably didn't tell you enough and for that I sincerely apolize. If you tell me what you need I will copy and send it to the group.

Do I need to do something through thisisrisk.com registar? 

Thank you for the patience and help,

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