time-out BIND 9.2.0 Win2000

phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu
Fri Feb 15 12:49:30 UTC 2002

Step <hostmaster at abnet.it> wrote:

> My BIND 9.2.0 on OS Win2000 server have a very long time-out to
> resolve any domain  (5 to 20 sec).

> When I restart the service all go OK.
> When it work for many minutes it return in the state of long time-out.

> There is the possibility to reduce this time-out ?

Keep bind and replace windows-2000 as a starting point.

Or, you might have a configuration problem, posting the
exact config might give a clue of what goes wrong, telling us
the ipaddress of the server shure increases the chances of
accurate help.

> Thank
> Stephen

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