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Will Yardley n at
Mon Feb 18 07:24:17 UTC 2002

In article <a4q9pp$a29 at>, Scott Tuttle wrote:

> I believe my sendmail is setup right and its a dns config error.  I
> currently have in the domain file
> ; Zone file for
>                 NS 
>                 NS 
>                 NS 

just a suggestion... if you want help, you should give the real domain
name and the real zone file.  a lot of times, changing information
either creates errors that aren't in the real zone file, or gets rid of
errors that are.

giving the real information also allows others to use various tools to
troubleshoot your problem.

since DNS if inherently public information, there's very little to be
gained by obfuscating this information.

Will Yardley
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