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Mon Feb 18 22:26:56 UTC 2002

> All,
> I was working on my one linux box remotely and I seriously foobared
> it.  I was also working on my sendmail config at the same time.  I
> screwed up glibc on it or something because now I can no longer
> authenticat witht he box, via ssh, or ftp.  So now my sendmail is
> down.  Mind you my server is in Indiana.  I am working in Cali.  All I
> can do when I get home is to rebuild the box.  But for the time being
> my webservices are working fine.  My DNS was also on this box.  So
> this is where my serious questions start.
> I am bringing up a third box to run mail services.  I also want to do
> dns on this box and update the dns entries in whois so that this box
> forwards www requests to the current server but serves the mail
> services.  Suggestions on what I can do?
> I also have a config problem in my current dns that I am bringing up
> on this box.  But it could be related to the DNS being up on those
> boxes.  I am testing my sendmail locally right now.  I cannot send
> email using elm to a user at I get a "sendmail[20304]:
> g1I5EOEl020302: SYSERR(root): MX list for points back to
>"  I believe my sendmail is setup right and its a dns
> config error.  I currently have in the domain file

	This is a sendmail configuration error.  Go read the sendmail FAQ
	as the answer is there.

> ;
> ; Zone file for
> ;
> ; The full zone file
> ;
> $TTL 3D
> @       IN      SOA (
>                         199802151 ; serial, tod date + tod serial #
>                         8H      ; refresh, seconds
>                         2H      ; retry, seconds
>                         4W      ; expire, seconds
>                         1D )    ; minimum, seconds
> ;
>                 NS 
>                 NS 
>                 NS 
>                 MX      10     
> ;
> localhost       A
> ns1             A       oldrealip1
> ns2             A       oldrealip2
> ns3             A       newrealip1
> mail            A       newrealip1
> www             CNAME   ns1
> ftp             CNAME   ns3
> Is something setup wrong?  I had my dns setup and working before but
> since I will not be able to recover my zone files till I delete that
> old box and mount the drives in another box I am starting from fresh.
> I can get another real ip address.  So I could just create two new
> name servers and add them to the whois db.  The only problem I do not
> have reverse look ups for the new ips.  Will that be a problem?  Are
> my other nameservers which are currently up going to cause me problems
> with getting a workable solution up and running?
> I really am just trying to get something setup so that the emails for
> my domains aren't bounced.  My email has been down for sometime
> already and I am sure I have lost some emails.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Scott Tuttle
Mark Andrews, Internet Software Consortium
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