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The problem with this approach (removing all $ORIGIN lines) is that it
might remove origin information that is required for the zone to be
properly interpreted. It would be better to simply sed away the zone
name using a regexp:


I haven't tested that one but you get the idea.

Michael Kjörling
PS. Are you having problems with MIME encoding?

On Feb 19 2002 10:17 -0800, WebReactor Networks wrote:

> You could also use named-xfer instead of dig.  It will transfer the
> zone info without duplication the SOA.  You will then need to remove
> the $ORIGIN, test and write it to your new zone file.  Something
> like what Michael Kj%F6rling proposes:
>   $ named-xfer -z -f /tmp/$$
>   $ grep -v '$ORIGIN' /tmp/$$ > /tmp/$$
>   $ named-checkzone /tmp/$$ && ( mv /tmp/$$ /[bind_root]/; ndc reload
>   $ rm /tmp/*_origin.$$
> I can't see any way around scripting a little bit.

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