Will Yardley william-nospam-newdream-net at no.spam.veggiechinese.net
Fri Feb 22 02:21:09 UTC 2002

In article <a53n56$672 at pub3.rc.vix.com>, Karyn Williams wrote:

> Newly installed FreeBSD 4.5, bind 9.2.0
> Downloaded and installed bind 9.2.0. Was running bind 8 and am using
> my old named.conf file. named is running and answering queries. Can't
> get rndc to run. Checked the list archives. Read the man pages and
> decided to just generate the rndc.key file to start. When I run
> rndc-confgen -a it just hangs. No errors and never exits. Any help
> would be appreciated.

just to be sure, you're definitely running the right binary right? ie
you've set named_program to /usr/local/sbin/named in /etc/rc.conf,
you've installed bind over the old binaries (probably not a good idea),
or you've removed the old bind binaries entirely??

if you use 'cvsup' and you've removed the old named, make sure to put:
NO_BIND=       true

in /etc/make.conf


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