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Fri Feb 22 08:38:32 UTC 2002

Karyn Williams <karyn at calarts.edu> wrote:

> Newly installed FreeBSD 4.5, bind 9.2.0

> Downloaded and installed bind 9.2.0. Was running bind 8 and am using my old
> named.conf file. named is running and answering queries. Can't get rndc to
> run. Checked the list archives. Read the man pages and decided to just
> generate the rndc.key file to start. When I run rndc-confgen -a it just
> hangs. No errors and never exits. Any help would be appreciated.

It could be you random entropy thats not "seeded."
( rand_irqs="NO"          # Stir the entropy pool (like "5 11" or NO).  )
in /etc/rc.conf

Otherwize, just read the documentation, you could equally well
follow it and create a key manually, using named-keygen. It's all
pretty well documented.

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