Question about Config file in BIND!

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Feb 23 01:46:44 UTC 2002

sl wrote:

> Hi
> I am familiar with Windows 2000 DNS but newbies to BIND 9. I know BIND
> have a Named.conf config file.
> How and where do I specify the a Domain CName, MX, www records in the
> Named.conf file. Or I have to create separate file for each separate
> domain (similar to the W2K DNS structure)? That where I think it is
> but I need some confirmation from you BIND gurus!
> If it need a separate file, how do I point to that separate file? e.g
> how do I define WWW records for this domain :  with IP

Yes, the zone files are separate from the named.conf file.

If you want to understand the syntax of DNS master files, I suppose you
could go to "the source": RFC 1035 (which defines the original
master-file format) plus RFC 2308 (which added the $TTL directive).

Or, if you want to learn master-file format *and* a whole bunch more
about DNS and BIND, then get the _DNS_and_BIND_ book from O'Reilly (4th
Edition), which is generally considered "the bible" on the subject.

- Kevin

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